In school, you learned the content, as textbooks teach.

However, experience educates!!!

Gain clinical pearls to use in your practice as you elevate your prescribing to reflective of current, evidenced based practice.

Real world education from a clinically active NP specially for other NPs/PAs/providers. 

I look forward to taking you to the next level!
It is TIME to raise the BAR!!!

Benefits Of Our Case Studies

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

Evidenced Based

Current, evidenced based insight from practicing PMHNPs. Including, but not limited to, rationale of selected medication over other options, fiscal obtainability considerations, and more!

Medication Therapy

Current psychiatric medication therapy options discussed with consideration to the whole patient. Focusing on utilization of agents with less side effects, consideration of out of pocket spend, and poly pharmacy.

For Your Career

W2 vs 1099, Private Practice, Billing and MORE!

Get Closer To Your Goals

Are you feeling overwhelmed and wanting to learn more about the pharmaceutical therapy options available to decrease pill burden, decrease side effects and streamline the poly pharmacy for your practice?

Are you wanting to learn about the business of healthcare to further elevate your career with insights on pay options, salary negotiations, and practice management?

Our learning modules & Case Studies 

Our learning modules feature practicing nurse practitioners teaching with specific, current evidenced based insights with realistic case studies and discussions in a format that enhances learning and comprehension of content presented.
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